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Welcome to Third Circle Recordings, a recording & rehearsal facility in Brighton & Hove, run & operated by sound engineer James Gasson. We love recording bands, making beautiful videos, and generally producing great art with awesome people. You’re awesome, aren’t you? Of course you are! Drop us a line. The kettle’s boiled and there’s a cup waiting for you here at the studio.

Recording Drums With Steve Albini

A documentary of James’s visit to Steve Albini’s studio, Electrical Audio, featuring a detailed analysis of his microphone techniques and the resulting trademark Albini drum sound.

The Atom Jacks – MK Ultra

KABOOM!! Atom Jacks are gonna science all over your face. Sensible and appropriate action in an atomic environment. Become Death, the destroyer of worlds, over at

GLOVE – Not Your God

Glove are a three-piece rock band from Littlehampton. They are tight, heavy and dynamic; they make a beautiful cacophony of brutal noise. Hear more from them at

Third Circle Recordings

The studio.

PUSSYLIQUOR – Pretty Good For A Girl

PUSSYLIQUOR are an all girl punk band based in Brighton. Pure uncensored female rage; putting the amp in tampon, raising estrogen levels wherever they go. Check them out at

Merlin Tonto – Animism

Merlin Tonto combine a patient, ever building, subliminal connection in the rhythm section with virtuoso manipulation of electronics and visual interpretations of the band’s otherwordly sounds. Check them out at

Other States – Come Back To Me

Psych-indie 6 piece led by the inimitable Mark S. Aaron. Other States take their notes from 60’s surf, garage, and Ennio Morricone soundtracks to weave a dark and rich musical tapestry. Check them out at

James Gasson – Breed (Nirvana cover)

Studio Engineer James Gasson performs Nirvana’s “Breed”. James is a big Nirvana fan. His YouTube channel attests to that…

James Gasson – Sugar Kane (Sonic Youth cover)

“Here I tackle Sonic Youth’s classic. These are the songs that inspired me to do what I now do for a living. I owe bands like Nirvana, Sonic and Shellac a debt of gratitude” – James.